We clean your house as if it were "our" home. Well luckily for you, we clean it much better than that. After all, nobody is paying us to clean our home! By the way we don't have time to clean our homes either - just like you. Today's work and social schedules are so busy these days that no one has the time or motivation to clean their homes the way they should be cleaned. That is why we do what we do - we clean so you don't have to.

Think back to that last vacation or business trip you took and how great it was to come back to your clean hotel room dog tired? Remember the spotless bathroom and the made bed? Remember the smell of clean and nothing else? Now how would you like to experience that same feeling upon the entry to your own home?

Our mission statement is simple: Make the client feel better about entering their home from a busy day than they ever have before. We expect nothing less from oursleves. If you don't feel the clean, we have failed and "failure" is not an option at PerfiClean.

"It's in the details" is more than just a cheap tag line to us - it's our Philosophy of Clean. We leave no dust bunny, cobweb, kitchen grease or bathroom stain to live another day. I guess you could sum up our mission statement to we are on a mission to rid your world of dirt and grime.

We currently service the following areas:

Harrison City
Level Green
North Huntington

... and all points in between!

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